Practical Bible Study

Any search for truth must look at the claims of the Bible. For the Bible claims to be the inspired “WORD of GOD,”and either it is indeed God’s Word, or it is not. And so this claim is a central question in the matter of finding truth. In a variety of locations throughout the Dr. Truth web pages, the claims of the Bible have been put to the test. And in the Dr. Truth web pages you will find abundant evidence showing that indeed the Bible gives us truth and wisdom which stands the test of time, truth and wisdom opening the way to a deeper understanding of the best historical research and science. The truth and wisdom revealed in Scripture is so extraordinary that it could only come from God, just as the Bible claims. Therefore, Dr. Truth, for the present purpose, will accept the Bible’s claim to be the“Word of God.”
[This series of Bible Studies is not presented to support the claims of Scripture.]

This series of Bible Studies is presented to equip the beginning and intermediate searcher of Scriptures with foundational truths essential for coming into a closer walk with the God of the Bible, and for living a victorious life.

God only uses “broken vessels”

God’s unspeakable Gift

Improving your Hearing

His Last Commandment

His Purpose in Us

His Gift is His Faith

A Living Sacrifice

Preparing for War


Some revelations

God’s army is often Invisible

Who’s disciple are you?

The warrior is a Child

Growing as a Christian

A call to Prayer

Where are the Ten righteous Men?

Understanding the Fall

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