Nature revealed in Scripture

Insights Given to Dr. Daniel H. Harris

Insight #1: Relativity in Scripture                                                                                               Noted July 4, 2001, 11:30 p.m.
Scripture Speaks to Walking in the Light
In Scripture we learn that there is a clear division between those who follow after God, those who “walk in the light” [I John 1: 5-9] and those that follow their own ways and so are far from the light.  There is no real communion between the followers of light and the followers of darkness.  Those walking in fellowship with God can’t understand the ways of evil.  And those walking in their own lusts can’t imagine the things of God and His truth.  This is stated in brief by Titus [Titus 1:15] who says “Unto the pure all things are pure, but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure.”
That  is, those who travel with the light can’t relate to those that don’t, and those who don’t travel with the light can’t relate to those that do travel with the light.

The Physics of Relativity on Light
In Relativity theory an observer at rest on planet Earth looking at anything moving at near the speed of light sees the moving objects distorted and shrunk in length.  The observer at rest also sees time slow down on the moving objects.  The observer at rest is not seeing a clear picture.  The picture is distorted.  The relative motion destroys the view.   If there were an observer traveling at close to the speed of light that observer looking at the Earth would see a similar distortion.
So in Relativity the moving observer and the observer at rest each get a distorted view of the other.  Those moving with the light don’t see clearly the things of those that don’t and visa versa.

The Parallel is Clear
Relativity, the physics of high speed motion tells us the same story which is told by Scripture, those moving with the light [Jesus the creator and savior God] can’t relate to those that don’t travel with the light.  And those that don’t travel with the light can’t clearly see the things of those that do.  There is no communion between those that travel with the light and those that don’t, they have totally different understandings.


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