Does the Best Science Affirm a Biblical World View? 

        The radio programs indexed here gave listeners verifiable science facts from a wide range of scientific disciplines, along with historical facts, carefully reasoned logic and philosophy, and applicable Biblical commentary, all well seasoned with the results of Dr. Harris’ own experience and researches. 

        These programs are intended as tools for all students and researchers who are seekers of truth. IFI presents these revised INFINITY programs as a challenge to all parties to fairly consider all the evidence which affirms the accuracy of the Holy Bible and the truth of the claims of Christ, so that all may come to a saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. And IFI provides these INFINITY programs as resources, so that the Christian community may be prepared to uphold a truly Biblical World View. 

        Most of the radio scripts presented here have not been substantially changed in either their substance or their structure. Each original program script was written by Dr. Harris in consultation with Mr. Jim Garcia, and was read for the radio by Dr. Harris. Each program script was originally about 13 minutes out of the total program of 15 minutes. Dr. Harris is solely responsible for the content of the revised scripts presented here. 

            PROGRAM #1: The Great War At the End of Time

            PROGRAM #2: Purpose and Order in the Universe.  

            PROGRAM #3: The Dinosaurs and Giants of Texas. 

            PROGRAM #4: The Man Without A Brain. 

            PROGRAM #5: The Future and Dr. Heisenberg

            PROGRAM #6: The Problem of Evil

            PROGRAM #7: Age Dating Before History

            PROGRAM #8: The Garden of God. 

            PROGRAM #9: Niagara Falls and the Age of the Earth. 

            PROGRAM #10: Evolution, What do the Experts Say? 

            PROGRAM #11: Rings and Rocks. 

            PROGRAM #12: When Evolutionists Doubt. 

            PROGRAM #13: Some Problems With Galaxies. 

            PROGRAM #14: An Interview With Darwin. 

            PROGRAM #15: Tiny Machines In You! 

            PROGRAM #16: Who are the Aliens? 

            PROGRAM #17: Deltas and Mini-comets. 

Significantly modified from the original program script. 

            INFINITY was first planned as a cable access TV series, but that has not yet happened. The name INFINITY is from Institute for Foundational Inquiry, etc., and from the infinite nature of God. 

            The INFINITY radio series aired during the Winter and Spring of 1997, at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday evenings, over KCHG radio, AM810, in San Antonio, Texas. All programs were produced by Mr. Jim Garcia, of San Antonio, who recorded the programs in his private studio.