INFINITY #16: Who are the Aliens?

I. The Questions.
Are the UFO close encounter and abduction cases descriptions of reality, or illusions? Is planet Earth being visited by an advanced alien civilization? Who are the aliens? Let’s find out.

II. The UFO — Alien Abduction Subculture.
At almost any supermarket or new stand you will find tabloids selling stories of alien encounters and abdustions. These stories are the tip of an iceberg, the most visible evidence of a world-wide subculture of people fascinated with flying saucers, UFO’s and alien abdutions.

III. My Serious Involvement in the UFO Subculture. 
For many years I was part of that sub-culture. I was a UFO sighting investigator, photo analyst, and consultant to two notable UFO research organizations. I gave lectures at UFO conventions describing my elaborate researches of UFO landing impressions, magnetic field cases, and exotic physics effects. Then everything changed when I found out what was really going on!

IV. It All Began With Ken Arnold.
Public interest in flying saucers, UFO’s and aliens, began with the 1947 wave of sightings. It all began with the sighting of brush pilot, Kenneth Arnold. At 3:00 pm, on June 24, 1947, (a bright sunny day); Arnold was flying at 9,200 feet, near Mt. Rainier, Washington. He described seeing, at a distance of about 23 miles, what looked like nine shiny reflective objects, passing by Mt. Rainier, at an estimated speed of 1300 miles/hour, a speed well beyond that of known aircraft in 1947. And Arnold said their motion looked like a saucer skipped across water. So the newspaper report called them flying saucers. And although there is some doubt about the accuracy of details in Arnold’s report; that day a new term was added to the dictionary. Unexplained aerial phenomena were thereafter called flying saucers. Later, the United States Air Force called them unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. And soon there were stories of alien encounters and people taken to other planets. The movies were soon filled with science fiction stories of alien invasions, and mosters from other planets.

V. Compelling Influence Everywhere.
In the 1950’s and early 60’s, when science fiction stories, and the media, kept the public’s attention on flying saucers; I [Dr. Harris] was a student learning physics and astronomy, and fascinated with all manner of technology. I thought that science was the answer to all of man’s problems. 
     My father was fascinated with science fiction and the occult, hypnotism and reincarnation; and my grandmother believed the Earth was being visited by aliens. The faculty advisor to the astronomy club in my High School, of which I was president, took students to meetings of flying saucers clubs, invited students to flying saucer conventions, and promoted trance medium communication with spirit beings and aliens. Even so, I was very skeptical of the so called flying saucers, although I did read a number of books on the subject.

VI. A Graduate School Encounter.
I completed my Bachelors degree in physics 1966, and went on to the University of Arizona, for graduate study in astronomy. In that period, even though I started out as a UFO skeptic, I was involved in the occult, via hypnosis, the use of the Ouija board, and I had other occult interests. And I was far from the moral restraint of God at the time. This made me vulnerible to influence, and what the hypnotist calls suggestible.
     While pursuing my astronomy studies, in early 1967; after an all night observing run on the 61″ telescope; on Mt. Lemon, near Tucson, Arizona; on the morning of March 24; I was exhausted, but unable to sleep. I was sitting on a couch in the observatory lounge, trying to study, when I had a strong urge to look up. There, in the middle of the window, I saw a slow moving, white oval, clearly outlined against a dark blue sky. It looked like someone had pasted a bright white oval on the sky. It seemed to have no shadow or shading, and so it looked very peculiar, even artificial. As it moved across the sky, it went in front of some patchy white clouds, and its appearance changed. It seemed to disappear, and then reappear, several times, as it moved in front of clouds of differing brightness. Then it vanished. At the time, I dismissed the importance of the repeated disappearances, of the peculiar appearance of the white oval, and of the strong urge to look up at just the right time. Now, I realize that that sighting, was an exhaustion, altered consciousness, related illusion; and the UFO’s peculiar disappearances were due to the difficulty of making an mental impression appear credible against a complex background. I now know that I was deceived. But that sighting began my serious interest in flying saucers, UFOs and aliens.

VII. Involvement Deepens.
Thereafter, for some 21 years, from 1967 to 1988, I pursued UFO research either as a hobby or as a full time endeavor. In 1967 and 1968, I consulted with Dr. James McDonald, of the University of Arizona, noted atmospheric scientist, consultant to the US Navy on radar propagation, and UFO radar case investigator. 
     In 1968 and ’69, I consulted with Dr. William K. Hartmann, astronomer, then at the University of Arizona, and photo analyst for the U.S. Air Force sponsored UFO study (known as the Condon Committee). And beginning in December, 1972, while waiting on my astronomy Ph.D. program to move forward, I pursued UFO research full time for over a year, working on what I then thought was an advanced physics describing UFO phenomena. From mid 1973, to mid 1988, I was a consultant to the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization (APRO) in Tucson, Arizona, one of the two main american UFO research organizations of the time. And until I left Tucson in 1977, I was on call as a case investigator and photo analyst for APRO. And for some years in the lat 70’s and early 80’s I was also a consultant to the Mutual UFO Network, in Seguin, Texas, another major UFO research organization.

VIII. Dr. Harris, the First Full Time UFO Scientist! 
After completing my astronomy Ph.D., and on moving to Austin, Texas, I spent several years doing full time UFO research, first as research director, and chief scientist at Project Starlight International, Austin Texas, which was then the only instrumented civilian UFO observatory in the nation. During that time I was the first and only Ph.D. level scientist doing full time research on UFO phenomena.* Later I headed two independent UFO research organizations.
[* Of course some have speculated that there were scientists fully occupied with UFO research in secret government labs, but that has never been established.]
     During the twenty one years that I pursued UFO studies, I cataloged UFO cases: I analyzed all the best UFO photo cases; I pursued UFO physical evidence cases, particularly landing impression cases, and magnetic effects of UFOs; I devised UFO detection technologies and UFO propulsion theories; I persued peculiar effects on automobiles and humans, light beam cases, gravity effects, time warps, and other UFO phenomena; I consulted with UFO investigators and researchers, I wrote technical and popular articles, gave radio and television interviews; I gave lectures at UFO conventions; and I taught two college level UFO courses.

IX. Dr. Harris, UFO Fanatic.
In short, I [Dr. Daniel H. Harris] was a UFO fanatic, dedicated to my work. I believed I was pursuing objectively real phenomena, and I was sure I was doing valuable research. Many noted UFO researchers of that period took my work very seriously. But they were deceived! And so was I.

X. UFO Phenomena are Real, But….
The many people who are deceived today, just as I was: are not pursuing a non-existent phenomenon. There is a factual basis for most UFO reports. But that basis is not visitation by beings from outer space.

Many mistakes Jimmy Carter saw venus.

Stanford seeing UFOs not there, photos show nothinng as described.

The photo cases

The absolute lack of physical eveidene.

The sci fi to UFO connection.

     When we look into the infallible word of God, we see no aliens from space. But we do see people like King Saul, the first king of Israel, who disobeyed God and became involved in the occult. And the Bible tells us that occult involved persons come under demonic influence. King Saul ended his life by consulting a spirit medium, and then committing suicide. As it was in the days of Saul, so it is today. Those who by occult involvement, open the door for Satan, experience clever deceptions and lying wonders, which lead to death.

     In II Thessalonians ch 2, verses 9 to 11, we read that, as we near the end of time, there are great “lying wonders,” for Satan has begun to, “work all deceivableness and unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the Love of the truth…”  That is, those without faith in the Word of God, are open to deception, just as I was open to deception in 1967. The Bible tells us that Satan is, “the prince and the power of the air,” Ephesians ch 2, verse 2. The Scriptures also tell us that when the people of Israel stopped following the one true God, they began to see lying wonders in the heavens, Jeremiah 10:2.  So the Holy Scriptures reveal that the aliens and flying saucers are examples of lying wonders, which are sent to deceive.  For some time now, UFO investigators have noted parallels between the supposed alien encounter cases and phenomena described in hauntings; demonic possession and poltergeist cases. There is a strong similarity between the alien encounter cases and these manifestations of demonic activity.
     Alien encounter witnesses often describe their experiences as life-changing. Witnesses often become obsessed with aliens. They read about aliens, they dream about aliens, and some even hear voices of aliens in their heads. The general pattern is one of increasing occult involvement, delusions, paranoia, and destroyed lives. Mental breakdowns are common. And the suicide rate among both witnesses and researchers is high. 
     Clinical hypnotist Dr. W. C. McCall, and UFO investigator Alvin H. Lawson, did and important experiment, in 1977. Using hypnosis they examined persons having no known UFO involvement. Subjects were asked under hypnosis if they had had a UFO experience. Those that had had none, were then asked under hypnosis to imagine that they were experiencing a UFO encounter and abduction. The subjects related imaginary UFO encounters and abductions strongly paralleling the reports of persons who had alleged real UFO encounters. This critical experiment demonstrated three things. 1) It appears that the UFO witnesses are not lying, but think they are relating real experiences. 2) The experiment tells us that UFO experiences are delusions, and do not represent objective reality. And 3) The experiment shows that seemingly real UFO encounters can be induced by hypnosis and suggestion; tools available to Satan and his servants.
     After 21 years of study, in the summer of 1988; I realized that not one UFO photo case remained credible: that the landing cases and physical evidence cases showed inconsistent and conflicting results; that the fundamentally new physics which I had developed had remarkable capabilities, but was still incapable of explaining most UFO phenomena; and, more importantly, I realized that every time I began to study the UFO encounter cases my mind became distressed. 
     God then gave me grace to see that the UFO cases are not explainable with science. And at just the right time a dear trusted pastor asked me to consider the possibility that the UFO sightings, encounters, and abduction cases, might be delusions mediated by demonic activity. Then God clearly demonstrated to me that I had been deceived, and I had experience demonic influence, and that all my research conclusions were biased and distorted by that influence. Since that time in 1988, on many occasions, the Lord has showed be errors, in case after case, destroying the credibility of each and every case, and affirming that UFO reports do not describe objective reality, they are reports of illusions. 
We don’t have time here to present the abundant evidence connecting UFOs and aliens with the occult. Nor can I recount my extensive personal experiences affirming the same. But I can warn you. Flying Saucers, UFOs and aliens are lying wonders. They are occult and they are dangerous. You open yourself to these and other deceptions if you are fascinated with science fiction, if you use hypnosis, read a horoscope, play the Ouija board, read Tarot cards, take part in channeling, seances, or have your palms read. All these activities open you life to the influence of Satan, and put your life at risk.
     As Deuteronomy 18 makes clear, occultic activities are an abomination unto God, and are a barrier between you and God, preventing you from having fellowship with Him. If you have been involved in any occult activities; then I ask you to repent, to turn from all occult involvement, and to ask the Lord to cover your sins with His Holy Blood.


Further Evidence of the Occult-UFO Connection.

In alien encounters the witnesses describe missing time, the so called Rip Van Winkle effect, just as in Irish leprechaun stories. The reports also describe aliens who fly and who can walk up vertical walls; and aliens resembling leprechauns, gnomes and dwarfs; that is, little people, with pointy ears, large almond shaped eyes and large heads. There are aliens, who like the little people, give gifts which later vanish. There are aliens, who like the little people, are super-strong, and can be shot without effect. There are also aliens who walk through walls, aliens who disappear and reappear, aliens with foul smelling odors, like sulfur. And there are aliens who give new age messages of universal peace, while in the same encounter they kidnap and terrorize people. Coral Lorenzen, prominent UFO investigator and writer, and head of the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization, wrote a book titled, “The Shadow of the Unknown,” published in 1970. On the book cover, Mrs. Lorenzen is described as “a renowned psychic investigator.” That book dealt with extrasensory perception (ESP), psychic astrologers, notable seer — psychics like Jeanne Dixon and Edgar Cayce, hauntings and exorcisms, Big Foot reports, falls of ice and frogs, miraculous apparitions at Fatima and elsewhere, and the book included a large section dealing with UFOs. Coral Lorenzen, along with her husband Jim Lorenzen, put forth a series of UFO books from 1962 to 1977 (See below), before and after Coral’s book on psychic phenomena. Their UFO books emphasized alien encounters and abduction cases.

     Another notable UFO investigator, known for exploring the so called alien encounters, is Jacques Vallee. Vallee’s book “Passport to Magonia,” (1969) notes the parallels between the folklore of the little people and the supposed UFO aliens. And Vallee’s later book “Messengers of Deception” (1979) details much evidence that these are not aliens from space, but deceivers of the human race. Vallee, an atheistic scientist and investigator, shows that UFO cults (who claim to have ongoing contact with UFO aliens), in many cases are religious cults as well, involved in occult practices, such as communicating with the aliens via trance medium activities, popularly known as channeling.
     I can personally attest to the connection between cultic religious groups and UFO organizations. Between 1957 and 1960, I was invited to a number of meetings and activities of UFO contactee cults in Southern California.

     (A contactee cult centers on an individual who claims to have had contact with aliens or to have been taken to their home planet, a claim often made by contactees in the 1950’s. In those years I was very skeptical of UFO phenomena in general, and the UFO cults in particular.)

     At my first and only meeting of an organization called “Understanding, Inc.” in Pasadena, Calif., headed by UFO conactee, Daniel Fry; as I entered the meeting room, at the door was a woman who said she was reading by Aura. I later learned what that meant. She claimed she was using her psychic powers to see a halo like energy surrounding my body. At that time, a friendly teacher, who had loaned me a telescope, was seriously involved in the several UFO cults, and encouraged me to read the cult literature. I was fascinated but not impressed. In the Spring of 1960, I visited Giant Rock Airport, in the desert East of Los Angeles, operated by George W. Van Tassel, noted contactee. On that trip, several of the students with me claimed that they were seeing UFOs, which were clearly not there. They honestly thought they were seeing real objects in the sky, but here was nothing there. I was then an experienced amateur astronomer with excellent well trained vision, and I am sure there was nothing there to see.
     On another occasion that year, UFO cult members presented a lecture to high school students, which I witnessed, and several students described seeing lights moving around within the room. I saw nothing flying around the room. Surely these students were excited and suggestive, and imagined that they saw the lights inside the room. #9;After receiving my Ph.D. in astronomy in 1976, from the University of Arizona, I looked for work in astronomy, and found none. And being in serious need, I took a job again doing UFO research. I had mostly forgotten my encounters with the UFO cults, nearly twenty years earlier.
     Then in 1977 I came face to face with the cults, all over again. Noted UFO researcher, and psychic, Ray Stanford, asked me to come to work for him. The organization operated out of a modern office building, in central Austin Texas, and there was no talk of cultic topics, only what, at that time, to me seemed to be serious UFO investigative work and their need for a credible scientist to do the analysis of their many instrumented UFO recordings. I later learned of Stanford’s long time contactee cult activities.
     So in August, 1977 (until December 1978) I began work for the Association for the Understanding of Man, informally called AUM, in Austin Texas. AUM was the promoter of the trance medium activities of Ray Stanford, and the research of his brother, Rex Stanford, Ph.D. psychologist, who was then doing ESP research in their offices. I learned later that AUM was financed partly by selling transcripts of the trance medium readings of Ray Stanford. 
     I was then incredibly naive and open to occultic influence at the time. I became the Research Director, of their instrumented UFO observatory, and investigating activities, known as Project Starlight International, or PSI for short. At the Project Starlight remote UFO observing location near Lake Travis, PSI observers said they saw things, but just as it was in the 1950’s, when I looked I saw nothing. These expectant, hopeful, persons were having delusions.

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