Harris’ sayings

Harris’ sayings

Wisdom is a long time coming and Not well received on arrival.

When a major nation sets aside

A significant piece of its budget

To settle a question of science

History will show that the scientists

Missed the point completely!The universe is orderly and

That order sends a message

To those willing to read it.

The message is “God did it.”

That is the Message of the Universe.

That is the MOTU.

I am no longer impressed with myself.

In fact I would often like to get away from myself.

But that just doesn’t seem to work out.

I always seem to be stuck with me,

Reminded always of my failed human state.

Holding this treasure in an earthen vessel

So that all may know,

This light is not of me!

This light that shines through the cracks

This light is of Him who is Light!

Thank God for the cracks that let His light shine!

From the plants we learn that

The flower must wither away and die

Before the fruit can mature.

So it is with us.

Our God given vision must wither and die.

For as we try to give the vision life

We see that we have no life to give.

And so we see that the vision is His, not ours.

Then we understand.

So the God given vision must die

Before the good fruit of that vision Can come forth.

And this happens only when

We stay attached to the right root, His root

Even when going through the death of vision.

Then when it is truly His, the fruit comes forth.

Then, and only then, will the glory be His alone.

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