Bible Study Week#15: A Call to Prayer-The Church Stool

The Lord said, (Mark 16:15) “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel.” Exactly what is the gospel?
The good news is that the creator of the universe, Jesus, the Holy One of Israel, took on the likeness of human flesh to redeem us from sin, that He might write His word in our hearts by His Holy Spirit, that we might have fellowship with Him following the whole council of His word, that we might die to self daily and live in Him eternally.
The Lord has made the Body of Christ to come alive by faith, by eating His flesh, that is, by the hearing of, and obedience to, the pure Word of God (the written word), and by drinking His blood, that is, by the life that comes through obedience to His word spoken daily by His Holy Spirit.
And this life is spread throughout the world by the actions of the Body of Christ. This life giving growth of the church rests on three legs, like a stool, these legs are the principle activites of the Body: evangelism, discipling, and dynamic faith in the entire council of God’s Word.
But our enemy has resisted these God directed activities by persecution, by causing division and strife within the body, and most importantly, by perverting and corrupting the council of God’s Wordg, by corrupting the gospel message itelf.
The Lord intended the church to be powerful and to do exploits. And at first the church did exploits, turning the world upside down, even when opposed by severe persecution. But in very short order the holiness and purity of much of the church was corrupted by an invasion of lies, by wrong doctines, and heresies; by two strong opponents of the truth: gnosticism and works righteousness, both religious spirits.

The Church, like Israel at the battle for Ai (Josh. 7), has been chased by her enemies, because unawares, the Church has taken up accursed things. The Church has brought into its schools and sanctuaries the accursed world views of pagans. The Church has mistakenly modified the clear meaning of God’s Word in order to accommodate the views of scholars. Many Achan’s (Josh 7) within the Church are today poisoning the meat of warriors. For example:
1) Historians within the church commonly assert that the great civilizations (e.g. Egypt) arose more than 6000 years ago, contrary to Biblical chronology. And they generally place the Exodus early in the New Kingdom of Egypt; when Egyptian records describe a time of undisturbed prosperity. Thus Christian historians make the plagues described in the book of Exodus into Jewish mythology.
2) In the area of human behavior and psychology, secular pagans claim that mind is only brain, and that man is only a more complex form of animal. And in many church schools the willingly ignorant teach these secular views.
3) Regarding the origin of the universe, the Earth, and Man; the Church’s leadership has often compromised the Word of God; supposing that fossils show the death of many creatures before Adam. And so they assert that death came before Adam; making God, not Adam, the author of death, a most dangerous heresy.
4) Scientists lift up Einstien’s Relativity, declaring that there are no absolutes; and they lift up quantum mechanics to argue that the world is ruled by chance processes; making the future truly unknowable, even to God. And these ideas, along with the grand mythology of the Big Bang and particle theory, appear in Christian media and in textbooks used in church schools.
5) And many scholars and teachers in the Church walk in unbelief regarding the miracles of the Bible, holding to a form of naturalism.
These and other elements of secular/pagan world view continue to contaminate the thinking of God’s elect, weakening many warriors and drawing others into agreement with the enemies of Christ.
The problem we face is that scholars in general, even those who teach in church schools, have more faith in human reason than they have in the simple truths of God’s Word. (I Cor. 3:18-20) They love human wisdom more than they love the Word of God!
Since the words of Jesus affirm the unfailing accuracy of all Scripture (Matt. 5:17-18, Luke 4:4, 16:29, 17:26, 18:31) in all matters; we who call ourselves Christians must always affirm the supremacy of the simple truths given in the Scriptures; even when they are in conflict with popular and/or entranced beliefs.
In all scholarly pursuits which bear on world view, the Church should be the head, and not the tail (Deut. 28:11). That was the case when Daniel was the greatest of the wise men of Babylon, and when scholars of the Church founded the great universities.
But during the last 300 years, as schisms and ferment racked the Church; as the war between human reason and Godly revelation continued (Col. 2:8); human reason and pagan thought seduced many leaders and scholars of the Church, (I Tim. 4:1-2) producing a mostly compromised Church; a blind, naked and wretched Church
(Rev. 3:14-18, II Thes. 2:10-12), a Church which exalts human reason and pagan thought over the Word of God.
Therefore, bold action is imperative by those with true faith (II Chr. 7:14). In order to turn back the flood of unbelief sweeping through much of the Church, a righteous remnant must raise up a banner (Isa. 59:19) affirming the truth of God’s Word. We need a new reformation, beginning with those most intimate with Christ and His Word, those most gifted in the revelations of God and in hearing the Rhema Word of God (Rom. 10:17).
For the Church to have a truly Biblical Word View the Church must have insightful scholars who will not agree with secular/pagan thought. But there are only a precious few of these. So it is time for a faithful remnant to come together to establish a new school of the prophets, to train up sholars in the disciplines of intimacy with Christ and in hearing the Rhema Word of God
(John 10:27, 10:4-5); a school of scholars and prophets subject to prophets (I Cor. 14:32), where scholars can come to true intimacy with Christ and His Word, and begin the great work of developing a truly Biblical World View.
You may say, “What has this to do with me?” Since the need of the Church is clear, I say that God desires you, His servant, to come into agreement with His servants, to meet this critical need, so that God’s warriors will no longer be fed tainted meat.

Here is what you can do.
1) YOu can begin to read your Bible aloud every day to build up your faith.
2) You can pray daily in the Holy Ghost to let God direct your path by His Holy Spirit.
3) You can become truly obedient to those that have the rule over you
4) You can pray that the Lord will lift up, here in San Antonio, and elsewhere, the prophets and scholars to bring a new reformation to the Church

My vision is to establish a Guild for Biblical World View, to be governed by a fellowship of pastors and elders, and supported by free will offerings, starting in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio, because it is pivotal in Texas, and Texas, because it is pivotal for the nation, and America because it is pivotal for the world. With your agreement, counsel and support, this Guild could soon assemble a core of intercessors, prophets and academics, to seek the face of God, and to begin the work of developing a truly Biblical World View.
I ask you to pray without delay about meeting this critical need. And I ask you to seek God’s direction as to how you may be involved in this vital work. When your direction is clear please contact us. Remember, evil can triumph only if the righteous do nothing.
If the Lord is the Author of this work, then He will save the academics and scientists. He will bring them together for this work. And He will assemble the prophets for their training. All we need is your support and direction for the work to begin.

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