Bible Study Week#13: The Warrior is a Child

1) Perhaps ten days ago I heard the Lord say “The Warrior is a Child.”
a) Immediately, I imagined that might be interpreted to mean
“the warrior is a child of God,” meaning the favor and blessings of God. But I didn’t get a witness of the Spirit. The meaning reamined unclear. So I prayed asking for the meaning. Since no answer came right away I went on to other prayer.
b) Then late this last week, I was praying in tongues, premitting the Lord to pray through me, about anything of concern to Him, when suddenly I was certain that, “the warrior is a child” means that many of the saints are like children, not mature or wise in the things of God, not knowing how to effectively operate in the great authority God has each and every one given us.
c) Gal. 4:1 Tell us that the heir (that’s us), as long as he is a child, differs not from a sevant, though he be lord of all.
d) I Tim. 3:1 tell us that to desire the office of a bishop (overseer) is good. But verse 6 warns that the bishop should not be a novice, not a beginner unexperienced in the things of God. So c

2) So if the warriors are children, what can we do? What should we say?
What is God’s plan for bringing us into true wisdom and maturity and power?

3) There is a rule that can show us the answer.
That which is true in the spiritual, is also true in the natural.
Jesus shows us this in His parables.
To learn of the spiritual He gave lessons in the physical.
To learn this spiritual truth, we look to the natural.

4) When we are born again, in the spirit we truly become like little children.
So, to see how we can grow in the spirit, we look at children.

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