The INSTITUTE for FOUNDATIONAL INQUIRY (IFI) would not exist but for the grace [unmerited favor] of our Lord Jesus Christ. For He brought Dr. Harris to salvation, instructed him in the ways of truth, sustained him over the years of searching and struggle, and brought him together with the people and pivotal ideas necessary for constructing a truly Biblical World View; and He has now provided Dr. Harris with the fellow believers who work with him, and He has provided the tools and provision necessary to accomplish the work of creating, maintaining and improving the Dr. Truth web site.

IFI and Dr. Harris would like to thank those that have helped in the creation of the visual appearance of the Dr. Truth web site, primarily Dr. Jim VonSchounmacher of MorningStar Ranch Ministries.  MorningStar Ranch Ministries.

IFI and Dr. Harris would like to thank Mr. Jim Garcia, of San Antonio, whose work as producer of the INFINITY Radio series was pivotal in bolstering the continued work of IFI and Dr. Harris. Mr. Garcia continues to be an important consultant in the ongoing research and educational efforts of IFI.

IFI and Dr. Harris would also like to thank the many persons who have made donations over the years to this work and those who have contributed to the research content of the Dr Truth web site. We would particularly like to thank Mr. Eugene W. Cross Jr., Mr. Marvin James and Mrs. Emma Bailey. THANK YOU!

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